Politicians react as MEHBooba lands in DELHI

Since Mehbooba has landed in Delhi, the questions are being raised by the people in the Rajya Sabha over the BJP-PDP alliance. And when BJP workers were asked about the same, they denied revealing any details related to this issue. PDP leader Nizamuddin Bhat said that he is aware that Mehbooba has left for Delhi but he does not have any information about the reason behind it and he cannot say anything about the government formation. This is what he said, “‘Khuda kasam muJhe nahi maloom Mehbooba Kyu Gayi hai Delhi.”

Former Education Minister Naeem Akhtar said that he does not want to comment on this issue as he does have any information on this subject.

But as per the sources, a senior PDP leader agreed to give few details but he said to leave off his name. He said that BJP for last three months, nothing positive has come out of discussions but now BJP has agreed to compromise on certain things which is a green signal for government formation.

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