Politics has Won the day again; Kashmiri Pandits Slighted again

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Kashmiri Pandits unanimously denounced the resettlement statements made by JKLF head Yaseen Malik on moral grounds. Did they get anything of the denouncement?

Will the KPs demand of resettlement to ancestral houses be met? Not very likely!

Will they settle in isolation in the outskirts of Kashmir? A paper thin proportion may!


Sympathies with the Kashmiri Pandits. Politics has won the day once more and the cries of Kashmiri Pandits ignored again. Kashmiri Pandits are at the fore front of all forms of media anew with the prospect of their resettlement being juggled and should eventually get tossed in the bin of unsufferable and mostly one sided politics.

The thought process that is behind the resettlement of these pandits in exile is the first to be questioned because it does not merit assessment. Some politicians always mustering ways to get to Delhi must have thought, “It has been 25 years, let us appear concerned about the KPs and get them resettled in Kashmir,” like it is as easy as that!

It all began when Mufti breathed the same as its ally BJP which at the centre announced a separate township for Kashmiri Pandits. Mufti conceded without delay as he probably understood that this issue would snowball into a statewide controversy and it did. Langate Lawmaker ransacked three days’ proceedings of the Budget Session and soon the separatist squads joined the Fair. The fact that Mufti effected a U-turn on the issue shows how the separatists actually have the real control on politics and call the shots on issues dear to them.


On the one hand, multiple groups that include the sepratists have been demanding that their ‘Pandit Brethren’ come back and stay with them and bring Kashmir to a standstill for one day at will. Some of these separatists were active participants in the orchestrated exodus of KPs during the 1990s. The vehement denouncement of JKLF head by KPs was not vehement enough for any of those in power to pay heed to sadly. There are after all standards of vehemency that need to be met before they get attention.

The dynamics of the resettlement are multi-layer complex.

At the time of exodus, the houses were sold off for the price of dirt. The houses were not sold at will and out of force or fear or both. Those who did not manage to sell their houses simply left them behind and the houses were simply encroached upon. A lot of these houses today should easily have legal paperwork in place and some of the officials who helped make these papers could very well be dead. Who is to be questioned?

The Kashmiri Pandits are demanding return to their ancestral houses. The houses that have been occupied for 25 years now, legally or illegally. Is the government going to force the NEWER occupants out first? Is it going to be resettlement of two families for each house? Now that things are calm and militancy down to negligible, is the life of the NEWER occupants not going to be disturbed as well if one has to simply look objectively and not emotionally?

How many Kashmiri Pandits, who have all started a new chapter in their lives and found success out of sheer grit and gumption, will even want to return to a life of uncertainty in Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir is as it is going through one of the darkest economic phases in the history since independence.

What is the guarantee that the bloodshed against KP BRETHREN will not repeat after resettlement?

The Kashmiri Pandits may or may not want to go back to Kashmir but more than that they want justice meted out to them.

Their History is documented in blood. They should not have to demand justice, they deserve it.

Image Courtesy – ikashmir.net

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