Poll Result out: People doubt Government officials in Jammu and Kashmir


Demonetization has become the word for much of India’s population in recent weeks. Though many agree with the policy, others complain about the manner it was implemented. The question, however, is: will demonetisation actually put an end to black money, which itself is a complicated entity and not restricted to currency.

Meanwhile, we ran a poll asking the netizen in Jammu and Kashmir “Who do you think has the maximum amount of black money in J&K?” and they have given their verdict.

A whopping 54.5% feel that that the Government officials have the maximum amount of black money, while 35.5% opine politicians will be having it. Alarmingly 9.5% of people says businessman and 0.5% professionals.

Highlights of the survey taken via the u4uvoice Facebook Page are:

# Over 211 respondents took the survey in the first 2 Hour.

# Almost more than half the respondents feel that Government officials are having maximum amount of black money in Jammu and Kashmir.

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