Pollution in Jammu at alarming levels:


Jammu — Lately, sites of garbage and waste material littered at places especially in canals has become a common sight. Infact, there’s no region left Jammu that has absolute clean surroundings.

U4UVoice team surveyed many places and discovered the extent of waste and garbage is alarming which suggests serious consequences in near future as these spots can lead to an epidemic outbreak such as malaria, diarrhoea etc.

Moreover, it appears appalling to witness such a situation prevailing in the ‘City of Temples’. The  carelessness displayed on behalf of the citizens as well as the administration has led to this. U4UVoice talked to local lodge owners who said that tourists find it unsuitable to stay in our city. He said, “Jammu being a place for pilgrims- who often come and witness the garbage lying in the vicinity of our hotels and decide to not rent a room.”

This shameful feedback must be a lesson for the Jammuities who often throw waste anywhere to their convenience. The administration has a role to identify these spots, fix them and spread awareness that will discourage citizens to throw litter arbitrarily. Often, it is seen that the dustbins are not installed as per the needed number, and if so, it is not cleaned on timely basis. The over-littered dustbins invite cows and stray dogs around it which pose a danger to kids and the health of the animal itself. The garbage bin becomes a dumping site with flies buzzing around which doesn’t reflect a good image on a city that is essentially a pilgrim’s’ destination. These micro – potential sites of epidemic are plenty all over Jammu. We must learn to develop good habits. Our actions make precedents for the posterity.

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