Poonch tense after three hours of unprovoked firing and shelling; Army posts under attack on LOC


After a tense situation and heavy firing and shelling on the international border, army posts and villages in Shahpur sector of Poonch came under attack from the opposite side of border. The Pak rangers used small arms to mortar shelling to attack this area. Official sources told that the firing started at about 2 AM in the morning and in the initial few minutes the Pak Rangers used small and automatic weapons to target the Indian posts but in sometime mortar bombs were fired targeting Indian posts and villages and the firing lasted for over three hours. The constant shelling has created a tense atmosphere and the locals are scared as the attempts of unprovoked ceasefire violation are becoming more frequent.

However, the Indian troops also retaliated with similar caliber weapons and no loss has been reported so far but situation is quite tense with the troops on high alert.


One thought on “Poonch tense after three hours of unprovoked firing and shelling; Army posts under attack on LOC

  • July 16, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Pakistan’s misadventures on LOAC has made the border areas people life hell;they since last six decades witnessing such incidents,several times to migrate and in a hope of peace probably lost their three generations future.When Modi ji become PM,people do hope his strong messages to Pak rulers to desist from such border misadventures will be shelved,however,from the facts it seems,Pakistan never understood the language of love and peace,indeed,her itchings could made to bleed by valiant Indian Army that provided some relief for some time.Sordidly,BJP govt led by Modiji perhaps following the previous governments policies of appeasement has boost Pak morale who without worrying about consequences involved in indiscriminate firings on our civil population frequently.Since,Modi,as PM to visit Jammu tomorrow,Pakistan’s unprovoked firings on civilians may be their message of”Ham Nahi Sudhre Gay”.


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