Poor BSNL network continues to haunt Jammuites


Citizen Journalist Report by Vijay Kaul

The extremely poor services of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in Jammu is very frustrating. Whether it is mobile phone service or internet connectivity, the poor signal strength and slow speed are general complaints of the BSNL subscribers. These people are paying hefty bills every month but in return they are getting extremely low quality services

Downloading even a simple song takes hours. Surfing needs Refreshing the same page again and again with repeated  failure along with frequent disconnection or interruption in  the calls are synonymous to BSNL in Jammu and Kashmir where the company has highest number of subscribers among all the telecom operators in the State.

I have subscribed Wi-Fi service of BSNL at my home and  was booking my rail ticket for Delhi last week. However, I could not secure a Tatkal ticket  because of low internet speed and thus missed an important business.


My sister who works from home and her job is at stake now because slow internet connection does not allow them work effectively.

It is not just slow internet speed but the poor signal strength of mobile phones is another feature of the BSNL in the state. You have to connect a number of times for making a single call.

Ironically, despite repeated appeals of the people for improvement in services, all such pleas are paid no heed by the concerned BSNL officers.

Since the Department of Telecom does not come under the State Government, the BSNL officers care least to the locals and this is the apparent reason behind their lackluster approach towards improving the quality of services.

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