Poor condition of roads after rains


By Raman Gupta

The current status of the state is disturbed because of the incessant rains in the past few days. The common citizen is irked with the state of roads, full of potholes and cracked at almost every corner.  Most of the places were already in ruins because of the devastating floods in September. The government hadn’t done anything about them yet and the continuous rains this time have again worsened the condition.

It is difficult to travel when half of the areas are waterlogged or just full of filth and mud. Even walking down those roads is a nightmare. All of the filth and mud from the roadside heaps and garbage dumps has come naked on the streets. Most of the roads are broken and cracked, making them more vulnerable to accidents and mishaps. The authorities have still not started draining the water from the roads and that has already started emitting foul smell, making the residential areas a living hell.

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