Poor condition of the roads, common man suffers!


By Citizen Journalist Danish Samnotra


The roads in the Jammu city have turned from bad to worst during the last six months. Ironically, the government is not paying any attention towards the dilapidated condition of the roads leaving common man to suffer.

The pot holes on the roads have endangered many lives especially commuters plying on two-wheelers as there have been  multiple cases of riders losing control of their vehicle and falling down receiving serious injuries. Due to this dilapidated condition of the roads the condition of the vehicles also gets affected plying daily on these roads as the shockers of the vehicles get damaged and to repair them the commuters have to spend a lot of money on their repairs.

What is curious to question is that this is the situation in the proper city areas. What to talk off the rural areas where there is no proper road connectivity? Sadly, One can imagine the condition of the roads in these far off areas and the kinds of lives people live there.