channi himmat jammu (1)By Citizen Journalist Sakshi

Hundreds of people visit BSNL Office located in Sector 2 of Channi- Himmat Housing colony to deposit their phone bills.

The centre was set up to facilitate the large population.

But poor maintenance of the link roads leading to BSNL office from all directions add to the miseries of the pedestrians as well as motorists.

Rain or no rain water logging outside the main counter is the common sight and any one approaching the office on foot is left with no option but to navigate the muddy waters.

The condition of the road adjacent to the Mata door stand and outside Police station Channi himmat is also not very good to allow motorists enjoy the smooth ride while visiting BSNL office.

On the other hand the motorists always run the risk of damaging their vehicles as the pot holed roads have not been repaired for a long time.

channi himmat jammu (3)The local residents in the area have been approaching the office of the Housing board authorities and have also met local MLA to high light their plight but it seems the focus of the concerned agencies is not on providing better road connectivity to the residents of Channi-Himmat.

At present the Economic Reconstruction Agency is engaged in the task of constructing concrete drains and culverts in Channi Himmat and they have deployed heavy machinery to carry out the job but the pace with which the work is going on it seems the residents of Channi Himmat would continue to suffer and wait for the efficient officers to take command and resolve the issue of providing smooth roads.

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