The possible coalition scenarios in Jammu and Kashmir

First of all let us put into perspective the certainties.

The Peoples Democratic Party had 21 seats in previous state assembly. This time it may very well be the single largest group in the 87-seat house.

ELECTIONin the constituencies this time. The good times for the Abdullahs seem to be getting over.
In all the major players, however, the biggest loser would be the Congress continuing its downward spiral as in the national scene. In the last assembly elections the Congress secured 17 seats and they formed a coalition government with NC which had won 28.

Going by the current trends National Conference would find it difficult to win even 15 seats while the Congress might not even get into double digits.

In the same turn of events the PDP is expected to get over 30 seats. But the prospect of its leader Mufti Muhammad Sayeed becoming chief minister would depend on the higher numbers won by his party now. Sayeed says his party would win as many as 44 seats but even his well-wishers doubt that.
Keeping all this I mind two alliances seem probable.
The most probable alliance – in the eyes of some – would be between PDP and Congress but this will depend entirely of Congress’tally in the evening.

Going by the exit-polls floating around, if PDP manages 35 seats and Congress manages even the lowest double digits, a COALITION is possible here.
Troubles for PDP will start if they manage the 35 mark but Congress slips to less than six.

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