Poster boy of terrorism, Burhan Wani releases a video

Srinagar, August 26: A first of a kind startling video that has been released by the posterboy of Terrorism in Kashmir, Burhan Wani has come out in the open on social media where he is openly asking for support from the people in Kashmir.

Facebook Photo
Facebook Photo

The video, 5 mins and 38 seconds in length, is already spreading like wildfire across Kashmir. The video released is very gravelly in both picture and sound quality.

In the video Burhan Wani has sought support for the “cause” for which, he says, “they have left their families”.

However, in an insulting gesture to the Holy Kuran, Burhan has placed a pistol and yet is widely known for his “inspirational talks”. Two young Hizb militants holding AK-47s can also be seen standing his guard.

Insights can be gauged into this young and very influential terrorist’s mind from this video where he begins with thanking the local Kashmiris including even Sikh minorities who have played a big role in his rise as well as keeping him and his men safe.

He openly threatens the youth saying, “It is our last warning to the youth who have become informers of the police and Army that they should mend their ways or else be ready for their end.”

With a mocking look on his face, Wani addresses the police and says, “The policemen from Kashmir are our own people and they are working against us. They have repeatedly tortured our families and even they have families that we can make life hell for. But we will not harm them for we belong to the same Allah and the same religion.”

The video ends with a promise of another meeting and clearly shows the future modus operandi of this fearless young breed of Hizb militants.