Posters calling for ‘azadi’ put up in Punjabi University, students tear them down


Patiala: The campus of Punjabi University is in tension after posters calling for azadi for Kashmir were torn down by members of ABVP. These posters were put by Punjabi University Democratic Students Union (DSO) and  Punjab Student Union (PSU).

Earlier, on Tuesday evening these posters were taken down by the university administration. But on Wednesday the posters were again put up in the university campus by PSU and DSO. 

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This time ABVP workers along with other organisations tore them down and accused the administration of acting inappropriately . 

After tearing of the posters skirmishes between the two groups intensified the environment of the university.

They were later taken to the police station and are currently held in police custody. Since the matter is associated with Kashmir the intelligence agency is monitoring the matter seriously.