Power shut down on September 24

Jammu and Kashmir News

JAMMU SEPTEMBER 23 – In order to carry out the repair/ maintenance of equipment, replacement of damaged jumpers/ droppers /improvement of Bus Bars and other hot spots in the 220 KV, 132KV & 33 KV yards at Grid Station Udhampur, the shutdown of 220KV, 132KV and 33 KV Yards at Grid Station Udhampur including both circuits of 220 KV Kishenpur-Udhampur and 220 KV S/C Sarna-Udhampur Transmission lines is observed onĀ  24-09-2015 from 6:30 am to 12:30 pm.

As intimated by Chief Engineer S&O Wing Jammu, during shut down period, the power supply to the entire district of Udhampur, MES, Air Force, Grid Station Khellani and Kishtwar shall remain affected.

The shutdown shall be subject to fair weather condition.

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