Power shutdown


JAMMU, DECEMBER 17 – As per a communiqué received from Superintending Engineer, Electrical Maintenance and RE circle Kathua, the shutdown of 66 KV Changran feeder would be observed on December 18 from 09 am to 12 noon.

The areas to be affected during the shutdown would be Kathua city, Changran, Jakhwar, Khrote, Janglote, Hospital, AIR, Patti, Barwal, S/Chack, Nanan, Ghatti, Bakhta, Jakhole, S/Chak, Industry and adjoining areas.

Meanwhile, to carry out various development works by M/S. IRCON under R-APDRP scheme, the power supply to Sohajana, Mandal Flian, Khandwal, Surya Chak, Ganeshpur and adjoining areas fed from 33 KV Canal to Chatha line shall remain affected on December 20 from 10 am to 02 pm.