Power shutdown on Aug 10

JAMMU AUGUST 08 – The power supply to areas being fed by 33 KV Janipur-Muthi Line emanating from 132/33 KV shall remain affected on Aug 10 from 7 am to 10 am in view of  branch cutting, removal of wild growth and cutting of eucalyptus tree near the line .

The areas to be affected include Barnai, Patoli, Muthi, PHE Muthi, BSF Paloura, Top Paloura, MES Domana and Doordarshan, PHE Roop Nagar, Vishwa Bharti and its adjoining areas.

Meanwhile, the 220 KV, 132 KV and 33 KV  Grid station Gladani will also remain shut on Aug 11from 6 am to 11 am in order to carry out the work to check and rectify the hot spots and to replace worn out jumpers / droppers in Bays .

The areas to be affected during the shutdown period are Sidhra-I and Sidhra-II, 132 KV KT Line, 132 KV Gangyal/Miran Sahib Line, 132 KV Grid Station BB-I, Gandhi Nagar, Trikuta Nagar, Residency Road area, Dhounthly Bazar, Karan Nagar and Kachi Chawani etc.

Similarly, The power supply to the areas covered by Grid station Janipur will remain affected onAug 11 and Aug 12 in view of routine /preventive maintenance of equipment, replacement of worn out droppers, jumpers, isolator clamps and replacement of damaged Bus Bar of 50 MVA CGL transformer.

The shutdown would affect the power supply to areas fed from 132/33 KV Grid Station Janipur i.e Janipur, Bhalwal-I, Bhalwal-II, Muthi, News Secretariat, Sheetli and Subash Nagar.   However, Receiving Station Sheetli shall be fed from Grid Station Gladni and Receiving Station New Secretariat shall be fed from Grid Station Canal during the shutdown period.

The shutdown is subject to fair weather condition.

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