Preeti Dubey’s work has brought Dogri on the international forum

Dr. Preeti Dubey was born in 1980 in Katra, 50 kilometers and has done something for the Dogra community that makes the proud Dogra community even more proud and should be thankful for. Dr Dubey completed her MCA in the year 2004 and went on to finish her PhD in 2014.
Dr Dubey developed the first Machine translation system that converts Hindi text into Dogri on the click of a button. Machine translation is not just mere translation of one language to another. It must conserve the meaning of the source language sentences. This system converts Hindi text into Dogri with 98%  accuracy. It is a copyrighted software with a massive dictionary that has 18500 words. The dictionary as well is the first dictionary usable for machine translation developed during this research work. It has various other  important modules.
Her work definitely demands attention and this was also the reason why she recently got recognition at the recently concluded Duggar awards alongwith Vikramditya Singh, MLC, Danesh Rana, IGP Jammu and Dr Bana Singh.
Dr. Preeti Dubey
There is an underlying feeling that the mother tongue of Dogras – Dogri – is getting washed out in Jammu and Kashmir and today, the newer generation does not have the knack for it either. The need for one to know Dogri reflects when a person has to interact with the locals and the simplest example is of the Doctors.
A doctor has to interact with most people in the city on the professional level and you can guess which doctor would be more successful in Jammu – the one who can speak in Dogri. It may sound like a random example but holds deep relevance. As such, there are those who want to learn the language and Dr. Preeti Dubey’s software is definitely worth it’s weight.
In today’s world when language is no bar, why should Dogri stay behind. Her work has got Dogri onto the map of machine translation and anyone in the world who wants to learn it, can!
She has worked with the ITI, J&K government for two years after which she completed 3 years in dept of computer science &IT at University of Jammu. At present she is working as a contractual Assitant professor in the Department of Computer Science & IT at Central university of Jammu.
Dr. Dubey has a great many research publications which have been published in various reputed national and international journals and conference proceedings.
She did her research work in the Dept.of CS&IT, University of Jammu under the guidance of Prof. Devanand (Head, Dept. of CS&IT, Central University of Jammu) and Prof. Shashi Pathania ( Retd. Prof.Dogri Department, University of Jammu)