Preparing for KAS prelims? Here are some useful tips to go about it.


Preliminary examination consists of two papers i.e., one paper of optional subject and one compulsory paper in General Studies. The optional subject is to be chosen from amongst 22 subjects.

The paper on optional carries 300 marks.  The compulsory paper of General Studies carries only 150 marks. Both the papers total 450 marks. Preliminary examination is objective in form and only Multiple Choice Questions are asked.

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 1.Get organized now. Know exactly what this examination demands. Regardless of your state of readiness, the fresh and focused initiative should start now.

  1. Don’t waste your precious time in choosing your optional subjects. You should not deprive yourself of the advantage of starting early. This examination requires far more efforts, thus each day counts. You simply can’t afford to wait too long.

  1. Prepare strictly in accordance with the syllabus notified by J & K Public Service Commission. Whenever you intend to get any book or study material, please ensure that content wise it conforms to the syllabus notified by J&K Public Service Commission.
    Competition in Prelims being less fierce, you could start for Main. That would mean more time for preparing for Mains. This will also strengthen your conceptual understanding of the subject. So you will carry the advantage of answering more questions in Prelims, while preparing for Main. But remember, while reading for Main, practice for Prelims in the common optional.

4.The Syllabus for Main, most likely, would be the same as notified by PSC for this examination for previous years. But as you have not been provided with a copy so far, try to get the copy retained by some aspirant of previous examinations. You can also prepare prelims part of syllabus from Main’s point of view. Remember the syllabus for Main is slightly more but includes Prelims content as well.

 5.Remember that daily preparation is crucial in this examination. Manage your time well. Allocate time to each subject. The optional subject for Prelims would require more efforts and time allocation till Prelims is over, after which the other optional could get greater attention. Earmark a slot for preparing General Studies also.
When you decide to read, do nothing else. Initially you can have small frequent breaks but gradually build your reading periods.

6.Create some extra time during the day by getting up early or by slightly narrowing your recreational activity if it is part of your schedule.

  1. Devise a method of reading that works for you. We are all different and different methods suit us. But a good idea is to make your own notes about the course, choosing main points from the study material and organizing it as a series of one line notes and extracts preferably in your own words. This could be done at a first run through the study material. I believe that the process of writing out the notes and information makes it much easier to remember and using your own words makes you to think about it. Your own words give you significant advantage when it comes to retention of information.

8.Make sure that you have some breaks to recharge your intellectual and physical batteries. Failure to do this can result in exhaustion, and this will affect your performance.
While preparing for the exam, practice with past papers. In case you have not been able to lay your hands on them, please note that previous years Civil Service Examinations papers.

  1. Reach out to someone if you are struck up with anything that you find difficult or confusing. Make your teachers and friends with expertise your resource persons. Study with a friend if it helps.

10.Choosing new optional subjects would mean new encounters with the subjects. But don’t allow initial difficulties to bore you. Remember with the passage of time, as you work on the subjects, you would also like them. You will easily overcome your initial difficulties.

 Dear aspirants, the key to success in this examination does not lie merely in how many hours of hard work you put in. Surprisingly, the key to success lies in how many hours of planned; focused and concentrated hours of hard work go into your preparation. Successful candidates have always made steadied progress in reaching their goal. They have not done it with the swing of any magic wand. If you have decided to fight the competition with right arsenal, the victory can’t shy away from you. God sides with those people who have the right intentions and approach. If you believe success is possible, you have already achieved 90% of it!