Press Club of Jammu announces creation of J&K Centre for Environmental Studies


Jammu, Dec 24: In an attempt to full-fill its social responsibility, Press Club of Jammu today announced creation of J&K Centre for Environmental Studies. The Centre will be a multidisciplinary academic field– which will systematically study human interaction with the environment in the interests of solving complex problems in Jammu and Kashmir.

The decision to establish J&K Centre for Environmental Studies was taken during a Managing Committee meeting held at Press Club of Jammu, under the chairmanship of its president Ashwani Kumar. 
The entire Management endorsed the creation of this Club.While elaborating the concept of J&K Centre for Environmental Studies, Ashwani Kumar said that Environmental Studies brings together the principles of Sciences, Commerce, Economics and Social Sciences so as to solve contemporary environmental problems. It is a broad field of study that includes also the natural environment, built environment and the sets of relationships between them.
“The field encompasses study in basic principles of ecology and environmental science, as well as associated subjects such as ethics, geography, policy, politics, law, economics, philosophy, environmental sociology and environmental justice, planning, pollution control and natural resource management”, he added.
President Press Club said that by establishing this Centre, Press Club of Jammu shall be fulfilling its responsibility towards society. “Press Club of Jammu understands its social responsibility and working towards the betterment of environment will be a great job that Press Club will do towards society”, he said. 
“On December 15, Press Club of Jammu had organised a daylong workshop titled ‘media orientation on climate change reporting’ and it was during that workshop that idea of starting this Centre came up. 
Press Club of Jammu shall be involving eminent environmentalists, journalists, environmental scientists and all like minded people- who are working to save environment to build a strong workforce for this Centre.
Vice President Press Club of Jammu Abhimanyu Sharma, Secretary General Zorawar Singh Jamwal, Secretary Finance Dinesh Manhotra and its executive committee members Ajay Bachloo, Vishal Bharti, Surjeet Singh, Deepak Khajuria, Nishikant Khajuria, Pawan Sharma and Dinesh Mahajan were also present in the meeting.
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