Press Conference of Basmati Rice Growers Association appealed for compensation


Pictures by Sandeep

A Press Conference of Basmati rice Growers Assoc. R.S. Pura Jammu was held today in presence Ch. Dev Raj, President of the Association who brought forth the losses and damages caused to the Basmati Rice due to the Wind Storm and heavy Rains which nears about 30%. The Flash Foods of Early September have also affected the Crop badly and the majorly affected areas are Pargwal, Marh, Suchetgarh, Arnia, Vijaypur, Hiranagar which is further resulting in a lot of hindrance to the farmers. Mr. Choudhary said during the Conference that at Zero Line approximately within the distance of 2 kms the crop of Basmati has totally destroyed due to Pak Firing and is displacing the farmers further creating hindrance as they can not look after it. He also appealed for a loan and granting of compensation for the life loss, injuries, property loss and cattle loss.

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