Price of honesty of a Judge in West Bengal, India!


A young judicial officer stood up against smuggling mafia in West Bengal and lost his job. He filed a writ petition against the order of compulsory retirement and it was dismissed. It can happen only in India.

The judge was waiting for his train to arrive at the station but he was told that the train usually arrives late as it is stopped illegally somewhere by smuggling Mafia to offload contraband. He spoke to the motorman about the reason for delay. When he did not reply, being a judicial magistrate he ordered the railway police to present the driver and guard of the train before his court.

The railway workers union leaders shouted slogans in the court and engaged in violence. Calcutta High Court ordered an inquiry against the judge because railway services were affected due to his actions that day. It was also alleged that he used to travel in the motorman’s cabin illegally and he exceeded his jurisdiction while enquiring the reason behind the delay. He was compulsorily retired from service.

The division bench of Calcutta High Court while hearing the appeal of the judge observed that “Rather than the judicial officer being protected by the High Court against the act of insult and intimidation faced by him in the Railway Magistrate’s court by unruly railway employee, it was the railway magistrate who was pushed to dock to suffer for wanting to remedy a public wrong.”

This shows that in India, you will be punished by the ones who are supposed to protect you if you intend to raise your voice against crime. Despite this, people continue to stand up against injustice, and this makes India INDIA.

However, things are changing in India, albeit a bit slowly. The decision of Calcutta HC gives us hope. High Court not only complimented the judge’s bravery while reinstating him but also ordered a cost of Rs 1 lakh to be imposed on itself (rare). The name of the judge is Mintu Mallick. He is a hero that this country needs but can’t afford to protect.

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