Priya Sethi calls off the ‘çontroversial’ tender notice that states Bahu Fort as Shahbad Station


Jammu — The change in the nomenclature of the Mubarak Mandi-Bahu Fort Cable Car project to the Mubarak Mandi-Shahabad project that snowballed into a major controversy brought the ruling alliance partner, BJP under fire.

In its notice inviting tender for the construction of a wall, issued by the J&K State Cable Car Corporation Limited on March 17, the corporation has named the Bahu Fort area as “Shahabad Station of Cable Project at Shahabad, Jammu”, triggering a controversy at a time when the BJP is part of the government.

In other terms, the name of Bahu Fort no more exists in the official records of the cable car project as it has now been named “Shahabad Station”.

Jammu responds to the viral tender notice

Jammu-based groups upped the ante against the “attempt to change the demography” of the winter capital of the state. The ruling alliance partner, BJP, had come under fire not only from the Opposition but also from its leaders who have made it clear that “it would not be tolerated at any cost”, reports Tribune.

Mos Priya Sethi Call off tender

In an attempt to placate the disappointed entities, Hon’ble Minister of State for Tourism Priya Sethi cancelled the tender notice whose image went viral on social media.

BJP-PDP rift over nomenclature ‘halts’ mega project 

According to well placed sources, the BJP wanted the project to be known by its already existing ‘Mubarak Mandi-Bahu Fort’ name but the PDP, which is in alliance with the saffron brigade wanted it to replace as ‘Shahabad Cable Car Project’.

The project which was scheduled to be completed by March 2018 is further going to be lingered due to non-agreement of both the coalition partners on giving final nod to its name.

What is even more apalling is the fact that BJP’s own Minister of State in the Tourism Ministry remained clueless how and when the nomenclature of the project was changed and while remaining in office she failed to prevent the same or assert her authority to avoid adverse reaction.

As per official records, even after the clarification was issued the Tourism Department while circulating a reply in the Legislative Council in March 2015 about tourism projects in Jammu and Kashmir had once again tabled a reply stating “Indigenous ropeway project from Mubarak Mandi to Shahbad is budgeted at Rs 4 crore for both the sanctions, which include the cost on the account of property land, forest land and realignment of utilities such as power and water lines”.

Now it remains to be seen  if BJP will conveniently compromise with popular sentiments of its strong base, thereby  hurting the Duggar pride or find a middle-way!

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