The ‘Problems’ in Govt formation – What PDP wants and how BJP counters


Puneet Gupta

Yesterday, we brought to you the four main bottlenecks (CLICK HERE) that our special state of Jammu and Kashmir is facing as far as government formation is concerned. Both the parties are to reach a clear standing on the big four by today evening. However, the status quo on these situations still looks like a hard egg to boil off.

Article 370

 PDP  – The biggest bone of contention in the issues facing the state at present. Article 370 was one of the hottest factors in PDP’s moot during the elections. The PDP wants it strengthened so much so that the party wants a written assurance in the CMP about the strengthening of the article.

BJP  – Prime Minister Modi brought up the issue of discussion on the validity and the actual gains that article 370 bestows upon the people of Jammu and Kashmir during his Lok Sabha election rally in Jammu. The abrogation of Article 370 is the core of BJP and originally the Jan Sangh’s ideology. The BJP wants debate on 370 since the party thinks that the article has incited secessionism.



PDP  – Keeping the Kashmiri sentiment in its own ideology, the PDP wants complete revocation of the act. The party suggests that the nullification of AFSPA can be done in a phased manner and that it must be done. The party has a hard stance on AFSPA and Art370 since any backtracking can mean a backlash in the valley.

BJP  – The BJP has kept in view the Army’s take on AFSPA. The army strongly wants the AFSPA to be in place and is against its dilution in the state. The BJP has maintained that ARMY’s point of view has to be kept in mind before any such decisions are made.

Citizenship to West Pak Refugees

PDP  – PDP wants the situation concerning the refugees to remain the same as it is now, i.e., no citizenship to West Pak Refugees. This is also in tandem with the strong anti-citizenship sentiment prevalent in the valley.

BJP  – The BJP has upheld a strong stance here and has been pushing for citizenship rights to be conferred upon the refugees. This issue of the WPRs was also central to BJP’s campaign during the outgoing assembly elections.

Talks with Pakistan

PDP  – The PDP wants unconditional dialogue process with the neighbour to iron out the issues between the two nations.

BJP  – Though the BJP has maintained that terrorism and talks cannot happen, the recent talks with Pak Counterpart hint that the BJP may be warming up to the idea of talks with the neighbour.


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