Prof. Soz got in touch with State Administration, talked to General Saha


Prof. Saifuddin Soz MP (Former Union Minister) & President J&K Pradesh


Congress Committee has issued following statement to the Press :

Soon after my arrival from Delhi this afternoon I got in touch with the State Administration and Army. While I feel satisfied that the State Govt is doing whatever is possible under the present circumstances to face devastating floods situation in various Parts of the State and render relief to the people, I urge the State Govt to announce adequate relief to the families who suffered loss of precious lives in floods .”

While I talked to Corp. Commander Kashmir Lt. General Saha I expressed my thanks to the Army for providing help to the victims of flood in
different parts of J&K State, I made an earnest request to General Saha that among other things Army may extend help to the marooned
Chopans, Gujjars and Bakerwals who are tending cattle on high mountainous areas in Kashmir and Jammu and are facing difficulties.
Among such areas I mentioned Khag and Thajwas in Yoosmarg area where from I had received frantic calls for rescue and relief.

General Saha confirmed that 73 Columns from the Army had already been pressed into service and every possible opportunity was being
utilized towards extending rescue and relief to the victims.

Unfortunately the Army is not in a position of using Helicopters for rescue and relief due to bad weather and continuous rains. General
Saha assured me that as soon it is possible helicopters will also be pressed into the service to offer whatever relief is possible to the
affected people.

Authorized for circulation to the Press by Prof. Saifuddin Soz.

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