Proper use of visual symbols and diagrams as representation of reality stressed in conference


015The Society for Analysis, Dialogue, Application and Action (SADAA) in association with S S Jain Subodh PG College, Jaipur, jointly organized the fourth International Conference (27 -29 January, 2015) on the theme “Media, Market and Mimesis: Trending Trinity”. On the second of the conference, this citizen journalist presented his paper titled “Training intervention for elementary science teachers in mimetic art of visual symbols and diagramming as representation of reality”. The abstract of the papers is described below.

Based on Aristotle and Goodman’s precepts of mimesis as representational useful art and Kishore’s advocacy and work in scientific visual symbols, an intervention for revival of visual symbols as representation of reality was introduced as a training intervention for elementary school science teachers. The rationale was that the textbooks of science have become colourful with detailed mimicked pictures from the internet that has given a setback to visual communication of science through diagrams and visual symbols.

A four-hour training module was developed in which one hour was spent on understanding precepts of mimetic art propounded by Aristotle and Goodsman and place of visual symbols as a part of the teaching learning process. Next three hours were the practice in visual symbols of the objects in the environments, diagrams and visual symbols of scientific apparatus, and conversion of textbook pictures in to line-drawing visual representation.

The procedure for the practice sessions consisted of modeling by the trainer, guided practice and individual practice in mini-notebooks prepared through paper folding origami. The participants (N=3o, urban setting, mean age: 35, elementary school teachers) reacted significantly positive (p ≤ 0.01, D.F. = 1, sign test) to the intervention.

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