Protect the interest of dairy & farming community affected with floods, says former SSP


protect the interest of dairy & farming community affected with floods, says former sspProminent Social worker and SSP Rtd. Bhupinder Singh today conducted a visit with his team to take stock of the losses suffered by the residents of Darriyan

Jassore , Kadyal Gujjar Basti , Khepar , Jaad and adjoining areas of RS Pura sector and also interacted with the Locals/youth of the area.

While talking with the locals, Singh said river & nahlas have breached its embankments in several parts of this area. As a result, heavy rains have caused much flooding in lowland fields which in cost heavy losses to farmers. This has raised many questions about how to manage these crops. Secondly, Decreased milk production and performance is likely when flood damaged crops are fed. “We continue to closely coordinate with many agencies to meet the immediate and plan for the long-term needs of those affected by heavy rainfall and floods,” said Former SSP. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered losses caused by this floods”.
“There’s lot of resentment among flood affected people,” said Nimrandeep Singh, MD Public Relations Commission. “Many people feel like they’ve been left out on the road, and so we’ve got to be there to support them, and help them in that situation.”
Former SSP has urged the government to provide free of cost cattle fodder to the farmers/Milk producers of flood affected areas. The poor people have been left at the mercy of almighty with no arrangement of fodder for their cattle in border areas,” he said, adding the government should provide free of cost fodder to the villagers for their cattle. He said that flood has caused soil erosion on thousands of acres of land and damaged crops for which the farmers should be compensated immediately.

Singh further said that our government has to protect the interests of Farmers, Growers, Livestock and dairy community and it will not be compromised at any cost, as they are the backbone of the Indian economy.

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