Protest against Health Deptt, Highway blocked


Vaishno Devi Ropeways: The Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine board has decided to construct two rope ways for the pilgrims visiting the shrine every yea. One from the Katra base camp to Bhgwan and other from  Bhawan to Bharion will of length 13kms from base camp Katra to Bhawan where as other will of length 9km from Bhawan to Bharion temple.

Artificial lake:  Although this project was taken up in 2019 and was targeted to be completed in 2016. The work on this project couldn’t be started due to continuously political interferences  but figures are crossed 2017 might be the year in which this project might get started.

Nashri  tunnel: The Chenani-Nashri tunnel, the passageway connecting Udhampur district with Ramban district on Jammu- Srinagar highway is going to opened for public in February. The construction work of this tunnel is completed. the lenght of the tunnel is aout 9kms and it will reduce the distance from Jammu to Srinagr by 28 Kms.

Bikaram chowk flyover: This project is going to the most crucial one, as it is going to prove the life line of Jammu. This is much wanted flyover as the condition of the traffic in the city is getting worst day by day. Though the project missed its initial deadline but it expected to be operational  in 2017.

Indo-Pak border seal: Union Home ministry of India has decided to seal the Indo-Pak border from Kashmir to Gujarat with latest technology such as with laser and sensors. The sealing of border has already been started and expected to be completed in  December 2017. India shares 3323Kms of border by Pakistan. when this project will be completed it will provide huge security cover for the people of state.

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