Protest continues at NIT Srinagar, non-local students to boycott minor exams

nit-srinagar-police-crpf-pti.jpg.image.975.568Notwithstanding the claims of Deputy CM Nirmal Singh that things are normal on the NIT Srinagar campus the students are continuing their protests amidst complete hostility that is being shown by campus authorities, local administration, police and state government that has lost. In the latest message the girl students said that all non-local students are boycotting minor exams much to the chagrin of those who are claiming all is normal.

The protest by students has also exposed the hollow claims of BJP which has failed to take action against the anti-nationals in JNU but also miserably failed to support the nationalist, flag waving students at NIT Srinagar. In order to present a politically balance stance, the BJP leadership in J&K which has always loudly proclaimed to be nationalist has failed to stop the J&K police from assaulting innocent students.

However, the protest of the students has got support from across India and it has fired the imagination of the people. The photos and videos posted in social media evoked so much criticism of the BJP government and PM Modi that the centre was constrained to take action. Meanwhile the protests of the students is continuing and they are waiting for centre to take effective action.

In the latest message by girl students they said – “We are boycotting minor exams scheduled next week.” ALL the non-local students have refused to attend any of the academic examination scheduled to start from coming Monday.”Accused Academic staff members should be suspended and action against JKP men must be taken without any delay,” they add.

Meanwhile the people of India are supporting the NIT Srinagar.

The protesting students have also expressed relief that there is a news that students from 12 states are coming to see us here in NIT Srinagar. This fills our hearts with delights and hope, but, will it be safe? We request the govt. to let us meet them and share our grief.