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Protest held for the unfulfilled demands by the Refugee Front

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Pictures by Sandeep

The POJK Refugees are indebted to the Chairman of the  DRSC of Home Affair Ministry who during their session at Jammu, directed the State Government to send the Draft Package after putting seal of the cabinet, to the Union Government. The POJK Refugee Front led by Rachpal Singh salutes the people of Jammu for their moral support towards the Front agitation. The Front pays homage to the brave refugees who sacrificed their lives fighting for their rights. But all the demands have not yet seeked attention so a strong protest was held against the State Government for their share of Assembly Seats, the front sharpened  their agitation in favor of their political rights and vows to get their 12 Assembly seats, 5% reservation in Central Engineering  and Medical Institutes, 5% for their children in J&K State as well as outside the state,5 % reservation in the State Services as well as Central Services.

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