Protest rally by the Jammu west assembly movement at Janipur high Court Road


The Jammu west assembly movement leaders held a strong protest rally today on Janipur high Court Road against the failure of the union Health Minister JP Nada and his ministry for his failure to stop the fastaly, spreading swine flue in the state. The protest demonstration was lead by Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement.

Large number of the people of the west and residents of the west constituency joined the protest, the people with banners raised slogans against the Union health minister and union Govt, “Swine flu per rok lagao, rok lagao”,  “health minister hay hay, central Govt hay hay”.

Addressing the protesters Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement alleged that union health minister JP Nada and the state  health and medical administration has badly failed to control and treat the swine flu patients and this swine flu is spreading fastly in the state and in Jammu region.

Dimple alleged that the state is suffering heavy loss and the precious lives of the doctors, specialist Dr  Bhopinder singh, police officers and many innocent people had lost their lives.


He said the hospitals are over loaded with the patients but the GMC, and all other district hospitals, PHCS, have no medicines and swine flu kits and now our paramedical staff is also becoming the victim of this Swine Flu.

Sunil Dimple demanded the union health minister JP Nada to immediately supply the swine flu kits, medicines and one crore masks in our state in all the districts, tehsils, panchyats and local mohalls and provide distribute  free of cost as the masks have become very costlier and are not available and are being sold in black by the hoarders.

Dimple alleged that the poor patients are being compelled to go to the private nursing home as there are no medicines in the GMC, govt hospitals and in different district hospitals of the Jammu region.


He alleged the union home minister JP Nafda, is responsible for all these casualties as the Governor N N Vohra already informed the union health ministry but the health ministry took no steps in time due to which we lost so many precious lives and still many cases are becoming positive reports.

Sunil Dimple said the Principal medical college and the director health Jammu have become helpless to deal with the situation in absence ad the shortage of the medicines, swine flu kits and the other drugs required in the treatment.

Dimple demanded J P Nada the health minister, chief ministers of all the other states  and all the NGOs of the other state and country to immediately rush the one corers masks immediately in the state and provide free medicines for the swine flu patients in all the hospitals of the state and Jammu region.

Dimple also demanded cash compensation for all those who lost their lives due to swine flu.

The other prominent leaders are  Ram Nath Dogra, Vinod Suri, Dev Raj, Rajinder Gandotra, Joginder Sharma, Sachin Soi, Arjun, Amit, Shahi Thappa, Rakesh Sharma, viky, Dass Kumar, Shashi Thappa, Sajjad Khan and many others.