Protesters block Katra-Udhampur road

Jammu and Kashmir News

Locals at Panthal village blocked the Katra Udhampur road today, protesting against the administration due to the loss of two persons in a road accident that occurred last night in the area.

A matador registered under number JK02AC 0947 on its way to Kadkayal from Katra met with an accident near Chakk-Bhagata area near Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University last night.

Two have been reported dead in the accident while four are severely injured.
The dead persons have been identified as Prabhu Dayal (60) s/ o Jagat Ram r/o Manoon Katra, Anil (17) s/o Mohan Lal r/ o Chak-Bhagta. The injured persons are Madan Lal (38) s/o Munshi Ram r/o Kadkayal, Ravi kumar (24) s/o Punnu Ram r/o Chakk-Bhagta, Pawan Kumar (34) s/o Moti Ram r/o Chak Bhagta and Mohommad Salem (38) s/o kareem bakash r/o Chak Bhagata.

katra udhampur protest katra udhampur protest

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