The protestors burnt the effigies of the finance minister P Chidambrum, UPA GOVT led by the congress party


Jammu: Addressing the protestants Sunil Dimple termed the interim budget presented by the Finance minister as “ BABA JI KA THULLU”, blamed the UPA interim budget presented as Bundle of lies, which shows that the UPA Govt is totally at ventilator at present and breathed its last breath.

Dimple said finance minister has tried to mislead the people of the country as the interim budget has nothing in it for the “Aam Adami” it is anti poor people budget, it has badly disappointed the people of the country and Jammu Kashmir state.

Addressing the protestors Sunil Dimple said in the budget there is no provision to control the rising prices in the state we were demanding total abrogation of VAT on the eatables, atta, rice, dalls, oils, dry fruit but the UPA govt has done nothing such.

Dimple demanded the finance minister P Chidumbrum to exempt the VAT, SALE TAX on the sale of the LPG Gas, petrol, diesel ,kerosene Oil, in the budget” in the country.

He said FM P ChIdumbrum to increase in the Quota supply of the atta, rice, sugar, kerosene oil from 5 liters to 30 litters per month, to the people of the state.

Dimple alleged in this budget there is no provision to get black money deposited in the Swiss banks and foreign investments. In the budget no steps has been taken to stop the corruption in the country.

He further alleged there is no increase in the subsidy for the common man and weaker sanction in the budget. With this budget the richer will become richer and the poorer will become poorer. He said this budget has only benefited the big business tycoons only.

He alleged there is no relaxation of service tax which could have benefited the common man in the country.

Nothing for the education sector improvement and nothing provision has been kept for the unemployed youth of the country and the state.

Dimple said nothing has been kept for the improvement of the tourism sector of jammu Kashmir which will also affect the people of the state along with the country.

Dimple alleged the congress party, UPA govt and the prime minister Manmohan singh promised the people of the country and the common man in parliament elections to control the rising prices but now the prices of essential commodities, petrol, diesel, atta, rice, sugar, seeds, dals, edible oils, ghee, vegetables have reached beyond the reach of the common and poor man.
He demanded chief minister Mr. Umar Abdullah to register the protest of the people of the state with the prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh to take effective steps to control rising prices to exempt sale tax on the sale of LPG Gas, petrol and diesel to relieve the common man in the J&K State.

Dimple said the UPA Petroleum minister has announced that the LPG prices will increase double from the 1st April. Which is also matter of great concern?

Dimple said there are many short comings and irregularities in the UPA budget which we will expose in the coming days.

The Prominent Protestant are sham Sham saroop Gupta, Rajinder Sharma, ramesh chander kohli, Som nath, Kulwant Sharma, Dr O N PANDITA, Yashvier Kumar, rakesh Sharma, Dev RAJ, Vikas, Vipan, Mukesh, somi pahlwan, brahma, tinku, rajinder gandotra, Kala, and many other.