I must be a proud India’s daughter- to all beasts/men/rapists out there


By Roarke

March 8- International Women’s Day- the day when every woman somehow feels pride in her existence. Well, of course! There is no men’s day after all!

In India, however, after so much that has happened in the last few days, I am sure you must be as proud as I am, may be way ahead of satisfaction, that you are living in such a virtuous country. Of Course! India is the epitome of culture and virtue. We are the Laxmi, the Durga, the Sita, the Parvati of this country. We are respected as Goddesses here and we are also raped here for not behaving like the pious Sita. And if that happens, we are expected to keep mum and not go on beating the drum. We are the proud Indian daughters. After all, wearing short clothes can blot the semblance of  the Sita-like-women of India, Right? Even going out late is not what Sita does. Sita can’t even go to pubs and clubs, she just has to stay home and stay mum. Talking back or talking loud is may be not her job either. She can’t simply wear shorts and bikinis and invite people like Mukesh Singh to teach her the way she should live.

There is so much that these men teach us every day. Nirbhaya‘s rape for instance- What could be a bigger lesson than that, for all of us? We know they are lurking in the dark, hunting discreetly for women who respect Indian values may be even lesser than they respect women because- she is the one stays out till late, who has a boyfriend, who works till late, who has slept with her boyfriend, who wears shorts, who likes to sing on roads, who liberates herself, who refuses to stay chained, who is willing to live and daring to live enough.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao; Sukanya Yojna; Save the Girl Child and so much more, that has been initiated by our Adarniya Pradhan Mantri Modi ji. I can’t be more grateful but despite that, one thing is clear, we Indians are ingenious- we ban things, we simply cover up things, we do it all to sink the truth six feet under.  Nirbhaya’s documentary has raked up the deep rooted hypocrisy of Indians- that is- clearly, we refuse to show the truth to the world because the world thinks India is the land of Sitas and Parvatis, Indian daughters are goddesses and Indian men are equally God, who decide our lives for us, tell us that we should not retaliate and simply get raped if they are doing so, who remind us we are women, Indian women, Indian daughters- we are born and are frowned upon and if we dare choose to live, we get raped.

But dear respected men, once and for all, let’s get the point straight today – Being an Adarsh Mahila is honestly, a difficult task, especially when when there is so much expected from us. We can’t just ‘not want‘ to go out, hug our guy friends, kiss our boyfriend or even have sex with him. It is as natural to us as it is to you! We might want to drink till we drop and we even want to smoke with our girl friends some evening. We might want to dance in a club, forgetting the world and we might want to go out wearing our favourite denim shorts in the month of June. We might not want to stay covered tip to toe someday. What if someday we don’t want to talk softer and want to be singing  loud on streets in the night with our friends? We know are surrounded by such Adarsh Males who are so courteous towards us that if we think of stepping out in the clothes we wish to wear, they will never hesitate to help us feel comfortable with their lewd comments, obscenity, vulgarity and some like Mukesh Singh might also help us get raped. After all wearing shorts is our signal to the world that we want to get raped. Yes, It is difficult for us to stay Adarsh, there is so much to be seen, so much to be explored. You have been doing that for years but when we decide to choose the way we want to live, you show us the horrendous consequences, every damn time!!

You scare us! Of course, we would never want our intestines to be pulled out and us thrown out naked on a road, amid the pool of blood. We also feel distressed, we also retaliate but dear Men, after all this we will also Rebel!  You look for the lifeless, sacrificial, devoted, calm and poised Sita in us, but being a woman- there will always be more to us. If you hegemonize us and oppress us, we might not want to accept these misfortunes. We might be tender but we might be warriors. We will follow you for protection if that is all it takes, to make you feel strong and nice, but if somebody dares, we might even kick him hard to death. The deity of virtues- Sita, also had a streak of revenge, Remember? She refused to be forgiven by her husband Ram because she was accused of being unchaste before. She also resisted, she also confronted, she also avenged.

Let’s hence not get blinded again, knowing the truth – India is the land of rapists, male chauvinists and hypocrites, not virtue and culture and respect. Don’t bind us in the chains of your supremacy and patriarchy, don’t shackle us and don’t cut off our wings. Don’t teach us how bad the world is,we already know, now it is YOU who need to realise that.

So, dear Men, we ask for nothing but a little respect. Don’t make us shame and regret our existence every day.

One thought on “I must be a proud India’s daughter- to all beasts/men/rapists out there

  • March 8, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Well done,Ms.Pawas…nicely written (y)


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