Punjabis never fail to surprise- Sikhs reconstructed mosque

Communal fights are all political matters. These are the wars which are between the government and the politicians whereas the common man tries to keep aside these conflicts and help each other.

A recent example was found in Jagraon in Punjab, where the Sikhs built mosque for only Muslim family in the area.

Image Courtesy: thebetterindian
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Jagraon is a small village wherein majority of the families are Sikh and there is only one Muslim couple in that area.

As reported by a national daily, there used to be a mosque in that area which collapsed in 1947during riots. Now when the mosque’s reconstruction work began, the whole village came to help him enthusiastically.

The Imaam of the mosque, Shahi Muhammad Usmaan Ludhianvi said that when he approached the villagers for helping them in reconstructing the mosque, the response was heart-warming.

Sikhs not only donated money for the reconstruction but they also prepared meals for them at inauguration. The Langar was provided to the construction workers.

The only thing that we can learn from this incident is that communal hatred and disharmony are the agendas of the political parties’ who use these things to trigger riots in the name of religion. On the other hand normal human beings want peace and harmony in the society.