Pupil-teacher ratio in J&K lesser than national average


Govt school thathri jammu (11)In terms of access, J&K has a very low concentration of colleges among other states in the country with 14 colleges per lakh population, as compared to the all-India average of 23, reveals a report prepared by the Union Human Resource Development Ministry (HRD).
The Annual Status of Higher Education (ASHE) report claimed that on gender and social representation, the share of student enrolment across all backward groups in J&K is lesser than their proportionate share in the population.
The Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR) of colleges in J&K at 31 students per teacher is far worse than the all-India average of 15.
It added that the number of teachers per college (44.9) is close to the all-India levels and the non-teaching staff per college (50) is higher than the corresponding all-India levels.
“In terms of the post-wise share of teaching staff, 53 per cent of the teaching posts are at lecturer/ assistant professor level followed by 22 per cent temporary teachers and almost equal numbers of readers/ associate professors and professors,” the HRD report said.
The report revealed that in terms of representation of various social groups and gender in the teaching and non-teaching staff in the state, females are under-represented in non-teaching staff in higher education institutes as compared to males.
“In terms of management, J&K colleges are dominated by government colleges forming 59.3 per cent of all colleges in the state, followed by 37.3 per cent owned by private unaided and 3.4 per cent that are private aided,” it added.
“The highest share of enrolment (89.6 per cent) is at under-graduate level, followed by post-graduate (9.4 per cent) with all other levels forming only 0.9 per cent. In terms of gender, enrolment is skewed and 52.8 per cent comprises males, while 47.2 per cent of the enrolment is of females, indicating gender disparity,” the central ministry report said.
The report said the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) for males (17) is almost equal to GER for females (16.7). In terms of overall GER, J&K ranks 10th among major states in India.
Further, total enrolment of students in regular mode in higher education institutes in J&K is around 2.42 lakh.
Out of the total colleges in the state, 87 per cent are affiliated to universities and the remaining are constituent/university colleges, PG/off campus or recognised centres by the universities.