Quality education in far flung area, still a dream now!


By Citizen Journalist: Muneeb

The education standards in the Jammu and Kashmir is not up to the mark. J&K is mostly located in the Himalayan mountains with three different regions of the state. One can see a drop in the education scenario in the higher classes where better educational opportunities are not provided to those who belong to a poor family.

There is no proper road network in the state as the teachers prefer to do their services in the capital cities or at the district headquarters neglecting thPrimary school dhounthil dhaki (7)e education to poor children who live in backward far flung areas. The higher authorities are seen least bothered about this.

When I was a child, the elders at that time talked about better education standards. I thought better opportunities will be provided to me in the modern education system of our state but this dream has remained a dream for me till date. As far flung areas are lagging behind, the poor children living there only dream about higher education. Students from these areas have to travel out to cities to receive better education. For most getting higher education is not even possible as they are not financially sound and so cannot even go to the cities to pursue higher education.


I request the higher authorities to pay attention towards the far flung areas so that the poor children will also get quality education there. I also request all to join together and make our state a shining example for rest.

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