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Rs. 321.948 cr incurred as cash assistance for Kashmiri Migrants: Bukhari
SRINAGAR, MAY 28- Minister for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation Syed Basharat Bukhari today informed the House that government has incurred Rs 321.948 crore on account of providing cash assistance to Kashmiri migrants from March 2014 to April 2016, adding that an amount of Rs 18.76 crore was also incurred for providing food grains to the migrants registered under relief category in Jammu.
Replying to a question by Engineer Abdul Rashid in the House, the Minister said that Kashmiri migrants under relief category are presently being provided monthly cash assistance of Rs 2500 per person monthly subject to maximum of Rs 10000 per family per month. He said in addition these families are provided ration, rice at the rate of 9 kg per person per month, Atta 2 kg per person per month and sugar 1 kg per family per month.
The Minster informed the House that for return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants, the Centre and State Government has sanctioned a package of Rs 1618.40 crore 2008 and 2009. He said that under the package those Kashmiri migrants who propose or intend to return to their original place of stay, there is a component of financial assistance of Rs 7. 50 lakh for construction of house. The Minister said that in addition to this, 6000 government jobs and 9000 additional jobs through establishing income generating units are being also provided to the Kashmiri migrant Pandits under the PM’s Package.
The Minister said that under the package one time grant for revival of Agriculture and Horticulture land besides continuation of relief for two years, scholarships to the school going children and waiver of interest would also be provided to the Kashmiri migrants whom propose or intend to return to their original places of residence.
The Minister further informed that registered Muslim families who migrated to different parts of the country are also entitled to the assistance as are provided to other migrant communities in that part of the country by the concerned State.
Intervening during the supplementary question of the member, Minister for Education, Naeem Akhter said that the Government has a proper plan to rehabilitate Kashmiri migrant Pandits who he termed as the important part of State’s composite culture. The Minster said that he would like to clarify in the house that government was keen to make necessary arrangements for their return.
“Kashmiri Pandits are part and parcel of our cultural ethos. Our ultimate goal is to bring them back with honor and dignity. For that we as mainstream parties need to have a consensus among ourselves,” he said.
Govt has no proposal to waive off ACC loan: Chander Prakash
Minister for Industries and Commerce, Chander Prakash Ganga today said that there was no proposal under government consideration to waive off Artisan’s Credit Card loan on the analogy of Kissan Credit Card where there is interest subvention of 10 per cent.
Replying to a question by Abid Hussain Ansari, the Minister said that the ‘Artisan’s Credit Card Scheme’ also known as self employment to Individual Artisan is a State scheme under CAPEX budget wherein any registered artisan can avail one time loan up to Rs 1 lakh from the banks.
The Minister said that Government through Directorate of Handicrafts provides 10 per cent interest subvention on the said loan for a period of 5 years. He said that the government has provided Rs 26.36 crore as 10 per cent interest subvention for the cases sanctioned so far under the scheme. He said Rs 15.80 crore was provided by the government for the purpose during last financial year.
Govt to frame comprehensive policy for regularization of un-authorized colonies: Dy CM
Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh today said that the government would frame a comprehensive policy within six months for regularization of unauthorized colonies in the State.
The Deputy Chief Minister was replying to supplementaries raised by some members on the question asked by Sat Paul Sharma.
Earlier, replying to the main question, the Deputy Chief Minister informed that there are 49 regularized and authorized colonies in Jammu city under the jurisdiction of Jammu Development Authority and Housing Board.In addition to it, he said there are 21 unauthorized colonies in Jammu City under the jurisdiction of JDA/JMC besides one unauthorized colony at Channi Ramma Jammu under the jurisdiction of J&K Housing Board.
The Deputy Chief Minister said that a proposal for regularization of 21 unauthorized colonies is under consideration of the Government since 2014. However he said the High Court in WPPIL No 19/2014(CMA NO 176/2014) titled Prof SK Bhalla Vs State and others’ passed an order and stayed the process of regularization of unauthorized colonies. He said in respect of one un-authorized colony (Channi Ramma Jammu) under J&K Housing Board , the survey for regularization of 1502 Kanals of land was conducted in 2011. He said that public is reluctant for depositing the cost at par with the circle rate of the area.
With regard to the time frame for completion of the regularization of colonies in Jammu West Constituency, the Deputy Chief Minister said that High Court in WPPIL No 19/2014(CMA NO 176/2014) titled Prof SK Bhalla Vs State and others’ passed an order and stayed the process of regularization and directed to frame the policy for regularizing the colonies and has further directed that the policy so framed shall be placed before the High Court and thereafter the process of regularization can be takenup. He said that in respect of one un-authorized colony namely Channi-Rama Jammu is concerned the time frame shall be worked out on completion of survey.
The Deputy Chief Minister said that the Department is making all efforts to develop the colonies as per the required planning parameters and protect the land demarcated and handed over to JDA. He said whenever any instance of attempt of encroachment is reported immediate action is taken by the concerned authority. He said that besides this, the anti-encroachment drive is a continuous process to protect and safeguard the land bank of JDA.
He said that both JDA and JMC are ensuring that the constructions raised within their jurisdiction are as per the approved building plans.
Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Aijaz Ahmed Khan, Mr. G. M. Saroori, Engineer Abdul Rashid and Mr. Yawar Dilawar Mir raised supplementaries to the question.
74.13 lakh souls covered under NFSA: Zulfkar
Minister for CA&PD, Ch. Zulfkar Ali informed the House that 74.13 lakh population of the State is being provided food grains at a highly subsidized rate of Rs. 3 and Rs. 2 for rice and wheat respectively. He said that approximately 95% of the entire population of the State as per census 2011 comprising of 119.13 lakh souls are covered under NFSA.
The Minister was replying to a question by Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar. He said that a uniform scale of 5 kg of food grains per soul is being provided. He said there is even distribution of ration @ scale 5 kg person per month instead of earlier uneven distribution irrespective to number of members in the family.
He said that food grains are being provided as a matter of right and in case food grains are not provided there is a provision of food security allowance. He said that the eldest woman who is not less than 18 years shall be the head of household for the purpose of issuance of ration card under NFSA.
The Minister said that ePDS project for managing the supply chain management under e-governance mode is being implemented and under this system, Point of Sale devices will be installed at Fair price Shops / Government Sale Depots.
The CA&PD Minister said that there is a robust grievance redressal mechanism under NFSA under which Deputy Commissioners are nominated as District Grievance Redressal Officers. He said that there is a provision of constitution of State Food Commission to redress the grievances of the beneficiaries.
The Minister said that the State was receiving 7.51 lakh MTs of food grains before implementation of NFSA and after migrating to the NFSA regime the state government shall receive the same quantity of ration.
He further added that approximately 6.50 lakh souls of high income group will remain uncovered under NFSA as per inclusion / exclusion criteria.
He said that the Department issued ration to migrants for the month of May on account and Department of Relief and Rehabilitation has been requested to provide funds on this account so that the department will purchase ration on OMSS rates.
PDD improving existing HT/LT network within available resources: Dy CM
The Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh today informed the House that PDD is improving and strengthening the existing network within the available resources being made available from time to time under various programmes. He said an amount of Rs. 10 crore each were released during 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 for improvement of HT/ LT network in the districts of Kashmir valley @ Rs. 10 crore per district per annum. He said accordingly, an amount of Rs. 11.24 lakh have been utilized for improvement of HT/LT network in Sopore constituency during last financial year.
Replying to a question the Deputy Chief Minister said that the 10 MVA power transformer at Seelu did not develop any snag. However he said that the transformer was getting overloaded and was not catering to the load demand especially during peak hours. He said that during peak hours the demand surges to 1220 Amps while the capacity of the transformer was only 525 Amps. He said that as a result the department was forced to go for distress / forced curtailment especially during peak hours.
To address the problem, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the receiving station has recently been augmented from its present capacity of 10.0  MVA to 10+6.3 MVA which has resulted in improvement of power supply to the areas being fed from receiving station Seelu.

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