Questions raised over preparations for Amarnath Yatra


The Sangh parivar is not happy it seems as it’s various constituents are getting upset with the delay in making proper arrangements for the holy Amarnath Yatra which has been an annual feature in the state’s pilgrim calendar. Lakhs of people visit the holy Amarnath Cave, and what is unnerving the VHP leadership is that no clear arrangements particularly in Kashmir valley, which the organization feels is part of a concerted plan of the PDP, and the separatists.

VHP leaders allege that separatists in Kashmir, and the fundamentalists have always tried to create trouble for the holy yatra. There is also a thought in Kashmir that the yatra has a negative impact on the environment and ecology of the region, and apart from it is an attack on the Kashmiri culture, and religious ethos.

VHP leader Ramakant Dubey has alleged that the government is working under the pressure of the separatists. There is crisis, confusion, and chaos in Kashmir valley as no proper arrangements have been made, alleged Dubey, while adding that if the situation does not improve then the annual yatra could prove to be a non-event.

The travesty is that most of the members of the shrine board were cleared by the RSS, and BJP, and their silence on the issue has confounded some of the leaders who are vociferous in their support to the yatra. The VHP leadership has gone on to allege that neither the government nor shrine board has taken it’s suggestions and advice to ensure smooth organization of this important pilgrimage which is close to the hearts of crores of Hindus of this country.


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