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Raavana laughs at US

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Thousands of Dusshera’s have been celebrated since time immemorial. After having seen that people are still behind his deed, Raavana said,

“It is agreeable that I had a lapse in my judgement when I abducted Sita. Compare my act to what happens in your world today. I never touched Sita. At her rejection of my proposal to marriage, I didn’t disfigure her by cutting her face open or by throwing acid at her face. I held her in respect and apologized to Lord Rama in my last moments.”

“Look at the real Raavanas amid you today. You cannot do anything about them and surprisingly you are the ones’ they lead and represent. Is not that why you Burn my effigies down every year to feel some restoration of Sanity?”

Dusshera Cartoon

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