Race between NC and PDP to align with Congress?


Going for a change, the National Conference and the Peoples Democratic Party pioneers spend the Sunday tweeting about their previous partner in the state government – Congress. Previous Chief Ministers Mehbooba Mufti and her counterpart from NC, Omar Abdullah looked worried about Congress.

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Responding to reports that three of the 10 Congress legislators in Goa who changed to the BJP recently have discovered a spot in the Cabinet, Mehbooba said that ‘Congress-free Bharat’ is only a reason for impairing and smothering other political parties.

‘Is this the new definition of democracy,’ Mufti, who is the leader of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), inquired. ‘Showing complete disregard for people’s mandate. That too in the most brazen manner possible. Is this the new definition of democracy? Congress mukt Bharat is just an excuse for disempowering & stifling other political parties’, Mufti wrote on Twitter.

Omar was additionally dynamic a similar way, as though it was a challenge between the two parties to show worry about Congress. Responding to Congress pioneer Navjot Singh Sidhu’s renunciation from the Punjab cabinet, Omar Abdullah said that Congress even can’t help themselves in a state where they are all around set.

“The one state where the Congress is well placed and even here they can’t help themselves. Oh, to be in the BJP right now with the principal opposition party imploding all around them”. Mr. Abdullah, who is the VP of National Conference (NC), composed on miniaturized scale blogging website twitter.

It is relevant to make reference to that PDP had been reluctant to shape government with the Congress and had in this way framed union with the BJP. After the breakdown of the PDP-BJP collusion the party had improved ties with the Congress, giving restless evenings to NC which is likewise partner of the national party.

Indicating worry towards the Congress, the twin parties are trying to show in Kashmir that they are against BJP.

Be that as it may, the truth of the matter is the two parties have been partners of the BJP, so this is just a drama. After all, they all are there just to serve their own interests. Who cares for the public?