Rage against police officials not mellowing down

Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu:  The victim of Khour Police Station’s harassment case has been asked to take back her complaint by the Police.

The residents of the Pangali village protested against the police on Tuesday. While demonstrating they warned the officials that if they fail to extend justice to the girl, then the entire village would revolt violently.
Few of the people who were protesting include Captain Chain Singh, Raj Singh, Purshotam Singh, Joginder Singh and Ram Singh. They screamed about the heinous act of the former SHO Mohammed Iqbal and how instead of punishing him the local Police Department was compelling the girl to pull back her case. They also protested against the fact that the accused official is being provided all the facilities while under custody and is being given VIP treatment, which is bringing bad name to the entire Police Department. They demanded that the police official instead be punished.
In addition, they have demanded that the accused official should be tried by the JIC instead of the police station due to the alleged involvement of the SHO in many drug-related cases too. People have also urged that a case be filed against the officials who are pressurizing the girl.
They have in turn demanded that the case be referred to the CBI for fair and just investigation.