Rahul Gandhi ‘doesn’t know the details of NCC training’ and Twitter has divided opinions on it


New Delhi March 24Congress president  Rahul Gandhi has been trolled by Twitter users on Saturday after his interactive session at Maharani’s Arts College for Women in Karnataka’s Mysuru where he was addressing a gathering of girl students. A question was thrown at his way, where he was asked how much does he know about National Cadet Corps (NCC). To which the Congress chief replied that he “doesn’t know the details of NCC training and that type of stuff, so I won’t be able to answer that question”.

The internet users jumped at the opportunity again as one of the user said, “There is no NCC is Italy (sic).” A student asked Gandhi, as reported by ANI, “What benefits will you give to NCC cadets after passing ‘C’ certificate examination?” Another user asked the party chief how ignorant was he was. “You talk about army, defence, etc. Wen you go to colleges, meet students, such questions are obvious. Not prepared? (sic),” was another Twitter user’s question to Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is on a two-day visit to poll-bound Karnataka, where he visited Chamundeshwari temple o a hill-top along with senior party leaders and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

While a few grilled the new president, others were sympathetic towards him giving him a benefit of the doubt. One of the user said, “He’s honest so I don’t think he’s bad there are several leaders who noe nothing and still talk (sic),” one said. Another one came with a figure as to how many politicians actually know about the NCC. “update: more than 99% of politicians/civilians are not aware about the NCC. Rahul was at least, honest enough to accept it, least he too have uttered pure fakery like the emporers of bhakts,” was another comment of a user.

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