Rahul Gandhi visit to J&K has boosted morale of party rank and file


Report bySatish Sharma ”BRAL” Sr Citizen Journalist

After Congress faced debacle in Lok Sabha and then in the state assembly elections earlier in this 12-month period, the decision by Rahul Gandhi, Vice-President of AICC, to overhaul JKPCC was a prudent decision and in the right direction. People across the state by and large voted for PDP and BJP whose coalition government has totally been alienated now by the people. PDP with a bias for Kashmir sabotaged all the programmes/development schemes which were promised by BJP to Jammu.

AIIMS and artificial Tawi Lake project became the main cause of frustration and hate for Jammuites and the BJP plainly deferred from working on these two simply to please their new mentor PDP. It has been commonly accused that the BJP, despite being rejected by Kashmiri people has a hidden Kashmir agenda and thus opted to become PDP’s camp office in Jammu rather than fulfilling their electoral promises.

BJP U-Turns on all promises betrayed Jammu people, who will dejection now see their future more safe in hands of Congress since there is no other choice for them to pursue the Jammu cause. JKPCC’s new team, in particular, Mr Sham Lal Sharma emerged as most resounding voice to fight for Jammu’s interests. By inviting Rahul Gandhi to Jammu’s border areas, Sham Lal Sharma has set the problems of Jammu in front of National media. S

Rahul Gandhi may just emerge as the national voice to pull up BJP and his three-day visit to the state is certain to evoke the response of slumbering BJP government in Dehli\Srinagar.

Rahul Gandhi has already been broadening party base and has worked towards making JKPCC more functional and energetic, is removing the deadwood in the organisation. Youth and senior citizens, retirees, literates, civil society, social media men should be given due respectable opportunity in JKPCC to serve their masses and work earnestly as the link between Congress and its leadership. As popularly believed, BJP in Jammu region has completely been dumped by masses. In Kashmir, PDP too is facing the same.

Rahul Gandhi’s three-day visit has for sure rejuvenated JKPCC into a popular movement and may have secured their future as well.

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