Raising Indian flag incites violence and flying the Pak flag is freedom of expression


By now many non-local students studying at NIT Srinagar have gone on record over the life threats they have received on phone calls, social media and in person. The non-local students have gone on record to say that they were abused and beaten by the local kashmiri students because they hoisted an Indian flag on the campus. This is a matter of concern but after the JNU and Hyderabad University event, nothing would be done by the government for the scare of being stamped communal.

This is how it happened ..

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When India lost the match to West Indies, there were fireworks all over the Kashmir valley. This is not a new practice and India’s defeats on the cricketing field are celebrated with great pomp and show in Kashmir.

Then the Kashmiri students of NIT Srinagar, waved Pakistani flags inside the college premises ,and raised anti-India /pro-Pakistan slogans in a JNU like fashion. Again this is common place and you just have to follow news every Friday to read about the clashes and raising of Pakistan flags. It was done this past Friday too.

In response, the non-local students who come to study from different parts of India, raised an Indian Flag. Obviously, something that had not been done in Kashmir before led to all hell breaking loose. Soon the campus was flooded by outsiders who were not students but local Kashmiris. The non-local students have gone on record about this too.

Police remained a mute spectator to the situation which slowly went out of hand and the college professors assisted the silence of the cops.

The question is, what should a Smriti Irani or Rajnath singh do in this case?

If they choose to support the non-local students who raised the Indian Flag, and take action against those who raised the Pakistani Flags, the entire media will call it BJP’S fasicm.

Authorities in Kashmir have ordered an inquiry into the matter. Since none of the Pakistan Flag raising elements in Kashmir have ever been arrested, ideally nothing should come out of the inquiry at the NIT too.

In a hypothetical situation comparing to the Hyderabad varsity and the JNU events, suppose a few Kashmiri students are suspended for their activities and one of them commits suicide. The leftists will make him the next Rohit vemula. Again, anti-India protests will be organised, where even our central government will have to simply sit and watch.   These days as has been evident through recent events, our opposition is more happy in supporting  anti-nationals like Kanhaiya.

Also there would be these people in New Delhi who would not call the raising of Pakistan Flags in Kashmir a seditious activity. However, the same people would call reporting the facts acts of inciting violence.