Raja Jambulochan Park – A picture of Government Apathy

Citizen Pictures by Abhinav Sharma

jambulochan park (2)Raja Jambulochan Park, which was constructed in the memory of King Jambulochan who established this state, is in a very deplorable condition for a long time.  Although the park lies exactly in front of the offices of civil secretariat but the condition of the park still screams neglect and .jambulochan park (13)

You cannot even see the pictures carved on the walls of the park that tell different tales of Dogra Heritage because of the tall grass.jambulochan park (11) ,jambulochan park (10)

Even the statue of King Jambulochan, and the Lion and Goat drinking water from the same stream, which was the foundation stone for the establishment of the state by the king is covered with grass all over.jambulochan park (7)  jambulochan park (4)

The fountain and the stream in the middle of park are also in deplorable condition.jambulochan park (3)  jambulochan park (9)  jambulochan park (8)

The park is now only used by locals who need a place to have their daily liquor who come, have a ‘good time’ as nobody intrudes them, throw the packets and bottles there and leave.

And the worst part is that the people at the helm of affairs do not care!

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