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Rajendra promotes 61 ASIs

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Srinagar: Director General of Police, Mr. K. Rajendra Kumar today ordered promotions of 61 Assistant Sub Inspectors (ASIs) to the rank of Sub-Inspectors with immediate effect.  The promotes include:-

S.NO   Name/NGO No    PID No
Imtiyaz Ahmad Mir 7180/NGO EXK002327
Muzaffer Rashid 7146/NGO EXK003042
Saleem Altaf    “OSC” EXJ046046
Hilal Madni 7142/NGO EXK002325
Ghulam Jeelani 7183/NGO EXK001938
Sumeet Sharma EXJ046188
Sangeeta Slathia 7315/NGO EXJ005619
Inder Dev Sharma     EXJ046176
Nazir Ahmad Sankar 7565/NGO EXK002695
Nisar Ahmad Wani 7138/NGO EXK002364
Arshad Hussain 7131/NGO EXK001890
Ashish Khajuria EXJ085756
Rajinder Kumar EXJ046177
Gansham Singh EXJ007236
Rajeev Vaid EXJ046173
Parviez Ahmad Dar 7310/NGO EXK003044
Nisar Ahmad Wani 7129/NGO EXK001258
Manzoor Ahamd 7174/NGO EXK003219
Rakesh Kumar EXJ085747
Tanveer Hussain 7124/NGO EXK002356
Satish Kumar     “OSC” EXJ046184
Hilal Ahmad 7184/NGO EXK002321
Sunil Kumar 7145/NGO EXK003040
Feroz Ahmad 7130/NGO EXK001896
Imtiyaz Ahmad EXJ085615
Tanvir Ahmad Dar 7554/NGO EXK002161
Manzoor Ahmad 7308/NGO EXK001898
Manoj Kumar 7235/NGO EXK005484
Farooq Ahmad 7147/NGO EXK001780
Sajad Ahmad  7165/NGO EXK001394
Parmodh Singh EXJ085748
Manraj Singh   Social Caste EXJ085744
Mohammad Ishaq 7143/NGO EXK002696
Tasaduq Majeed 7137/NGO EXK007125
Shabir Hussain 7168/NGO EXK001937
Mohd Rouf 7172/NGO EXK003205
Ashiq Hussain 7177/NGO EXK001757
Sunil Kumar 7191/NGO  RBA EXJ006636
Aftab Ahmad 7144/NGO EXK003043
Sabzar Ahmad 7179/NGO EXK001756
Arshid Ahmad  7140/NGO EXK003651
Bopinder Singh EXJ085746
Rakesh Mani  7277/NGO “SOC” EXJ006593
Satya Parkash 7246/NGO “RBA” EXJ006666
Anzir Ahmad 7224/NGO “RBA” EXJ006538
Tanveer Jehangir 7553/NGO “RBA” EXK003382
Raghubir Sharma 7265/NGO “RBA” EXJ005603
Jalil Ahmad 7233/NGO “RBA” EXJ007116
Sarikant Parihar 7247/NGO “RBA” EXJ006669
Ashiq Hussain 7301/NGO “RBA” EXJ005617
Motup Tashi        7533/NGO  “ST” EXK002239
Jigmeet Lotus 7538/NGO “ST” EXK001802
Bashir Ahmad 7564/NGO“ST” EXJ005485
Stanzin Wangchok 7134/NGO “ST” EXK001622
Shiv Dev  Singh “SC” EXJ085754
Mustaj Ahmad 7204/NGO “ST” EXJ006638
Jamyang Tsephil       “ST” EXK046065
Tsewang Namgial “ST” EXK046064
Kamal Kishore “SC” EXJ085743
Rajesh Angral “SC” EXJ085742
Ranbir Singh          “ALC” EXJ046178

Mr. Rajandra has congratulated the promoted officers and their families. He asked them to rededicate themselves for public service.


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