Rajiv Sharma intensifies election campaign in Akhnoor


The BJP candidate from Akhnoor constituency, Rajiv Sharma today intensified his election campaign in Lehar area and interacted with the people there. He also listened to their grievances and assured their early redress by BJP.

akhnoor rajiv sharma BJP

Addressing the people, Rajiv Sharma said that due to the failure of previous MLAs and the successive governments, the Akhnoor town failed to get the development it needed. The historic town was neglected by the previous MLAs who never paid any attention towards the development of  this constituency into a model one among the other constituencies.

He said,” The previous MLA was never serious to promote this constituency as a tourist hub and he failed to take any step in this regard. As a result the people of this constituency were deprived of modern facilities. This constituency still sans all the basic amenities which are taken in other areas for granted.

He said that time has come to end their suffering as the BJP, if voted to power, will promote this constituency as a hotspot for tourists, which would also help in raising the economy of this state.

He further appealed the people to vote for BJP and give a chance to them to form the next government and fulfill their mission to get 44 plus seats in the state.

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