Rajouri Clashes: Engineer Rashid protests


Srinagar: A day after Rajouri broke in protest over district of Jammu burning of ISIS flag bearing religious scripture by VHP activists, Kashmir started reacting. There were two protests in the summer capital, Srinagar demanding safety of Muslims in the region and against the burning of flags.


Lawmaker Engineer Rashid along with his supporters held a protest demanding security of Muslims in Rajouri after VHP activists allegedly burnt down flags that were inscribed with kalima, the Islamic declaration of faith.


Engineer along with his supporters were shouting slogans against the PDP-BJP coalition government in state.

In another protest, held by a separatist group JKLF were also demanding the security of Muslims in Rajouri after the news of burning of Islamic flag reached this side of mountains.

Meanwhile, curfew continued on the second day in town and internet services were also suspended in the area. As per police sources four youth were arrested on Wednesday during nocturnal raids taking the number of arrests to 19 in two days.