Rakhi ke ‘side effects’


By Rishav Gupta

Rakhi (1)The Indian version for the infamous Friend-zoned is the ever so traditional ‘rakhi-brother zoned’. With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, the fear starts hovering over the school and college going boys as they avoid any such confrontation with a girl that might result in an unfortunate event of baptizing them as their rakhi brother.

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“I recall how my cousins used to hide from girls during the Raksha Bandhan. It used to be so funny! Says Shriya, a college going graduate. If the hide-and-seek did not work, various schemes and plots came into play to avoid any such encounter.“I remember a friend who once had a plaster on both his wrists to avoid girls from tying the rakhi.
Another one used to say it was against his religious beliefs to take a rakhi!” she adds.

Some girls also utilize Raksha Bandhan as a perfect occasion to stake the habitual Romeos. Twenty three-year-old Shivani Aggarwal says, “You know how some of these colony guys are, they will follow you around, offer to give you a lift and just don’t get the hint that you’re not interested! I had one of those until two years back, and then I told my mother, who came up with this brilliant idea of calling him over for Rakhi and tying him one. The look on his face just made my day. He was so shocked, he didn’t know what to do. But since then, he never troubled me. He never even said another word to me. The whole idea of Rakhi brothers is such a joke in my friend circle, nobody takes it seriously. But at least it can help in such things.”

This cruel tradition is not only confined to the commoners, but transcends to the celebrity dimension as well. Lately, as per the hearsay suggesting that director Sajid Khan and actress Tamannaah Bhatia were involved in a more than just a professional relationship. However, Bhatia has recently gone on record to call Khan her rakhi-brother, putting a definite stop to all speculation. The actress said in an interview, “Sajid Khan is my brother. I also tie him rakhi. I find the rumors hilarious. If a director believes in an actor, they should not be linked. It gets awkward”.

Whether being used as a shield or for a rather cold friend-zoning, rakhi still haunts many and is suffered by the unfortunate.