Rakhi Sawant’s MMS goes Viral; she alleges cheating


Rakhi told Pinkvilla, “Yes, I saw the video and I am very upset. I have worked in the film industry for 11 years and have not experienced anything like this. I don’t know who it is, looks like me, maybe she is my duplicate. But it is not me.” However, she seemed confused herself, as she added, “Sometimes I think maybe, it is me. Well, I don’t know what to think. However, I want to put it behind me.”

Recently, the controversy queen stirred a hornet’s nest when she seconded Ram Gopal Varma’s sexist tweet on Sunny Leone. RGV had said that all women should give men the same happiness that Sunny Leone does. Rakhi said, “Whatever Ram Gopal Varma said is right. I am with him, where he has praised Sunny Leone. I would also like to say that every woman, as said by Ram Gopal Varma, should learn to give pleasure.”

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