Ram Rahim Hasn’t Slept In Jail For 15 Days, Doctors Say It’s Because He Is ‘A Sex Addict’

ngh Insan, was convicted of raping two of his disciples and was jailed for 20 years. His antics in prison are surprising to say the least.

Among perplexing things like asking what his crime is and appealing for Honeypreet to stay with him, Baba has managed to grab eyeballs again with his latest revelation.

Jail authorities had summoned a team of doctors including a psychiatrist to take a look at Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh after he was complaining of diabetes, restlessness, and uneasiness.

We think the jail cell is, unfortunately, not too comfortable to cater to his luxurious and colorful personality and so, Baba has not been feeling well.

The doctors examined him at Rohtak Jail on Saturday and sources claim that he told the doctors that his problems were a type of withdrawal symptoms. A doctor on the condition of anonymity told India Today,

Moreover, Gurdas Singh Toor, a Dera follower-turned-CBI witness, said that Ram Rahim may not be drinking liquor but he regularly consumed energy drinks and sex tonics specially imported by him from Australia to enhance his libido.

This completely contradicts the statement the Godman made in his defence to escape conviction, saying that he was impotent. He was refuted in his claims by the same witness who said that the Baba made those statements to deviate investigations.

The philandering self-styled Godman has only lived a fortnight in jail and it sure seems like he is trying everything to escape his doomed fate. Fortunately, his sex-starved self has been aptly punished for his “addiction”.